Aaaaggghhh! It’s Election Time!

Jack-o '- lantern on an American flag background, happy holidays, Jack-o ' - lantern-patriot

Every four years, we have the presidential election and Halloween at about the same time. They completely take over TV and the Internet. There’s no escape!

Of course, Halloween and the presidential campaign coverage are two very different events. One is an endless stream of zombie-like characters scaring people all hours of the day and night. The other is Halloween.

But if you’re undecided and you feel that picking a candidate is like a bad Trick or Treat choice, you can get through this. Just grab your bag of Halloween mini Snickers, get a good sugar high going, close your eyes, hold your nose, and vote!


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Jay Leno

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Jesse Sublett, Author, Musician, Austin Character

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Shannon Sedwick, Esther’s Follies