Driverless Cars! Can You Trust Them?

Blonde girl pulls a broken car with a rope

Driverless cars are now being tested in cities across the U.S. by Tesla, Uber, and Google.  We’re putting our safety in the hands of companies whose names sound like Star Wars action figures.

Is this kind of technology reliable? How many times have you entered the address of a restaurant into your car’s GPS, only to have it lead you to some dark, deserted setting from The Walking Dead? Recalculating!

The success of driverless cars depends on their ability to communicate electronically…in other words, give each other the virtual finger.  But with all this wireless connectivity, will they suddenly stop to play Pokemon Go?

At this point, we have more questions than answers. Like, who fills these cars up with gas? And after you’ve tossed back a record number of tequila shots at your favorite sports bar, can a driverless car navigate the all-night drive-thru at Burger King so you can scarf down a Triple Whopper?

Until these important issues are resolved, we’re still responsible for driving our own cars and not taking our eyes off the road, except when we’re texting.  


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