Oh, no! Christmas is coming!

Santa Claus with binoculars against dark background

There’s still leftover turkey in the fridge and they haven’t even finished counting the votes from the November election, but Christmas is barreling right toward us.  And yet, we shouldn’t be too surprised.

Top Five Signs Christmas Is Coming:

5.  The mall has been playing Jingle Bells since Labor Day.

4.  The Halloween pumpkin on your front porch is so rotten, it even makes your dog gag.

3.  Your kids are trying to get off the “naughty list” by swearing they don’t know how the fire got started in your golf bag.

2.  You’re actually thinking you might like to try egg nog again.

And The Number One Sign Christmas Is Coming:

1.  You just paid off your credit cards from last Christmas.

Happy Holidays, Everyone! 


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