About Bill

Bill Rodgers Portraits
Bill is a comedy writer and author living in Austin, Texas. He is currently writing a series of short-form humor books, offering a funny take on historical events. Bill’s view through the lens of modern day social media provides a fun look at history.

When Bill was young, he tried to make his friends laugh and shoot milk out their noses. Now that he’s older, he tries to make his friends laugh and shoot scotch out their noses.

Bill is a graduate of Austin College and works as a business consultant. He has also studied comedy and film writing with notable teachers and writers.

Bill’s comedy writing has taken many forms, including jokes, sitcom scripts, action-comedy screenplays, and short stage plays. He has written comedy sketches performed by Esther’s Follies on Austin’s famed 6th Street, and short plays performed by local theater groups.

Bill has written for Jay Leno for over twenty years. Bill’s material has been used in Jay’s monologues and comedy routines around the world.

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