Top Ten things Overheard About Bill Rodgers:

He is a comedy writer and author living in Austin, Texas.

For over 20 years, Bill has written material for Jay Leno. Some of it’s even funny.

Originally from Houston, Bill was born funny. When the doctor slapped his butt, Bill said, “Thank you, sir. May I have another?”

Bill spent part of his boyhood years in the small town of Paige, Texas. In fact, it was so small, there weren’t enough people to spread a rumor.

When he was young, Bill’s family moved around a lot. But he was always able to track them down. He went to high school in Austin, where he tried to make his friends laugh and shoot milk out their noses. Now that he’s older, he tries to make his friends laugh and shoot scotch out their noses.

Bill graduated from Austin College, where he wrote his first comedy material. It was an Economics term paper he hadn’t intended to be funny, but his professor couldn’t stop laughing.

Bill has written comedy sketches performed by Esther’s Follies on Austin’s famed 6th Street. In addition to jokes, Bill also writes sitcom scripts, action-comedy screenplays, and short stageplays. One thing Bill has never written: an Academy Awards acceptance speech.

Bill loves to travel. He has flown around the world and driven all across the country. He thinks his GPS is trying to kill him because the voice giving him directions has Tourette’s syndrome.

Bill is writing a series of humorous books, taking a funny look at current events across time. History Retweets Itself: Texas Edition will be out as soon as the printer can overcome its fear of paper.

And finally…drum roll please…

Bill met the love of his life, Manning Wolfe, at a writers conference in 2009 and they have been together ever since. Her first legal thriller in a series, entitled Dollar Signs: Texas Lady Lawyer vs Boots King is available on Amazon.