President Trump is the first president known for using Twitter to blast out his message.  Ever wonder what George Washington would have tweeted? Now, through the magic of Internet algorithms, we know!

Top 5 Tweets by @realGeorgeWashington:

5. That British town crier keeps yelling fake news! Sad! #TownLiar

4. It takes like forever to pose for a selfie because the paint has to dry. #ButHardToPhotoBomb

3. As a flag maker, Betsy Ross is sew-sew. LMRAO (Laugh My Revolutionary Ass Off)

2. Hey, @KingGeorgeIII. I’ll make you a good deal on some used red coats! #RoyalLoser

And the Number 1 @realGeorgeWashington tweet:

1. Say what you will about my powdered wig, but at least it’s not orange! 🙂


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